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21st Annual British Motorcar Gathering

All-British car show hosted by the Keystone Region MG Club
Sunday, June 8, 2014 | Reservoir Park, Hellertown, Pa.

By Kim de Bourbon

We must be doing something right — this year’s British Motorcar Gathering was the biggest ever, with a solid 222 cars registered and paid for.

Each year we plan for 200, and usually get somewhere just under that. This year we had a strong pre-registration of 118, so on a hunch I printed dash cards numbered up to 225. Good thing, because last car registered was No. 223.

The actual number of cars on the field was 206 or so, given that 16 pre-registered dash cards didn’t get picked up.

But if you were there, you didn’t need to know the actual figures to know it was a very successful show. The MG field was filled, and each class throughout the park had a very healthy number of cars.

We were again blessed with outstanding weather for the day, too, which no doubt contributed to the great turnout.

The park was in great shape for the show, and the borough even managed to clean and paint the restrooms this year, as well as install a new corrugated plastic roof.

As always, we got a lot of praise for the food served by local catered Kasey Lynn’s. More than just the usual hot dogs and hamburgers, and really reasonable prices, too.

We all missed Van the Music Man, who was unable to DJ this year’s show. The show wasn’t quite the same without his experienced hand on the music and voice at the microphone, but we look forward to his return next year. Our substitute DJ (sorry, I didn’t get his name) did fine, and with a little coaching at awards time, managed to get through all the strange names and numbers of British cars.

We continue to improve the system for counting the votes, and this year were ready with the winners list just after 2 p.m., which I think is a record. (I know show chairman Mike Jones was surprised!)

The time-consuming part of coming up with a winners list hasn’t been the actual counting of the votes. We’ve had an efficient system for counting votes by car registration number for a number of years

The hangup has been matching the winning car numbers with owner names and car models, and coming up with a list we can read from for the awards ceremony.

This year, with Marty Chamberlain entering the day-of-show registrations on his laptop as they came in, we were able to generate a winners list (and print it) pretty quickly.

There are always a few unavoidable glitches, such as when someone pre-registers with one type of car but then brings another type of car to the show and doesn’t tell us they switched. (The car number hows up in the original car’s class, and if that car number comes up a winner, we have a little confusion that needs to get sorted out.)

Fortunately, we know many of the people who enter the show — and their cars — so one of us can usually figure it out pretty quickly.

This year’s Best of Show winner was a white 1948 Jaguar XK Mark IV that has won BOS at Hellertown before, when shown by the late Herb Sechler. It was good to see the car return, shown by Herb’s son Jeff and Bonnielee Sechler.

A special new award was presented this year by Bruce Vild and Faith Lamprey, publishers of the British Marque Car Club News. We invited Faith and Bruce to make Hellertown the first stop on their tour of participating club shows, something new they are doing since the announced the end of their Triathlon event.

They reported that they really enjoyed the show, although they said choosing the “British Marque Favourite” for their trophy was very difficult. Their concept for the award was to recognize a car that the owner obviously loved and enjoyed driving, in the try spirit of the British car hobby.

Classes were sponsored by:

British Wiring, Inc., Chubb Collector Car Insurance, Deka-East Penn Manufacturing, K&T Vintage Sports Cars, Mini City, Performance Garage Club, Noel & Alice Peters, Robert & Betty tarquin, J.C. Taylor Auto Insurance, Triumph Rescue, Vemma Nutrition Co., and William Thomas Roadsters.

Also supporting the show with door prizes or other services:

Apple Hydraulics Inc., BGA Studios Graphics and Design, British Marque Car Club News, Classic MG Magazine, Classic Motorsports Magazine, Cigars Internationl, Competition Chemicals, Hershey Vintage Hillclimb, Little British Car Company, Moss Motors, Northeast Classic Car Museum, Ragtops and Roadsters, Rock Auto Parts, Stoner, Universal Vintage Tire and White Post Restorations.

Thanks, of course, to all the club members who gave up their day to work at the show. Without member support, our wonderful and well-regarded car show would not be possible.


  • Ken and Cindy Beck
  • Tom Brobst
  • Bob Brown
  • Marty and Marybeth Chamberlain
  • Ken Czahor and Sunny Sonnenrein
  • Charles and Kim de Bourbon
  • Art and Margie Edinger
  • John Fruhmann
  • Ed and Angie Haas
  • Allen and Elaine Hess
  • Bob Hoover
  • Richard Horn
  • Myra Jones
  • Gerry Kunkle
  • Joe and Maria Larrazabal
  • Leon Morgan
  • Paul Morrissette
  • Bill Mounce
  • Dennis and Ann Marie Nash
  • Bill Page
  • Bob Pilat
  • Noel and Alice Peters
  • Jeff and Lisa Rorhbach
  • Frank Torchy
  • Abbie Ullnick
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