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20th Annual British Motorcar Gathering

All-British car show hosted by the Keystone Region MG Club
Sunday, June 9, 2013 | Reservoir Park, Hellertown, Pa.



By Mike Jones
Keystone Region MG Club Show Chairman

I believe British Motorcar Gathering #20 was our most successful show. Early reports from club treasurer Bill Page indicate that the receipts were the highest ever.

The show, of course, is not about adding to the club treasury. It is more related to promoting the British car hobby and spreading interest in British automobiles by inviting the public to see these fantastic cars.

We had a long and steady rain on the Friday before our show, and many of us were worried about the condition of the park.

Would the MG field be too muddy? Could we use the spectator parking area, which is in a low-lying area?

I went to the park to attend the Italian car show on the Saturday before our show and found the site to be in good condition. The Italian automobiles did not make use of the large field, thereby the field was in great shape for our MG classes.

I expressed our thanks for that consideration. There were about 30 Italian cars of various kinds parked around the pavilion for their second annual car show. Organizer Mike Space,was pleased with the turnout of cars for this event, given the weather of the day before.

As I drove to Hellertown the morning of the show, I had a feeling that it was going to be a good day. The last couple of years the weather was not the best. Well, we were blessed this year.

On my way to the park, I increased the number of signs at certain locations this year. At the intersection of Route 412 South and Polk Valley Road in Hellertown, I tacked up three “Car Show” signs. Some individuals reported that they did not see any signs regarding the show, even though I used some of the orange and red signs that are supposed to grab your attention. I am going to work on getting larger signs, and the committee can talk about best placement for next year's show.

I can’t remember a better start to our British Motorcar Gathering than that of this year’s show. All of the set-up crew arrived at 7 a.m. , and we had the banners, canopies, class signs, sponsor signs and tables in place by 8:05 a.m. Last year we were ready by 8:25 a.m., so we beat our own record by 20 minutes.

We make improvements every year. Maybe we should think about starting at 7:30 a.m. next year —I am sure we would all be happy with an extra half hour of sack time!

The British cars began a steady flow on to the show fields from 9 a.m. until about noon, when the influx of cars started to show. We did reach 200 registrations for the day, including the record-number 118 pre-registrations. There were cars from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida and Bonaire Dutch Caribbean. There were many cars from the Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club and many cars from the Northeast Pennsylvania British Car Club. There were many cars from the British Car Club of the Lehigh Valley also.

This year we had sponsors for 19 of our 22 classes, which we are very grateful for, and we recognized them several times through out the day with announcements from our own Bob “Van the Music Man” Van Sickle. Van did another splendid job as DJ, and our food vendor continues to get good reviews.

Sunday was a great day for me personally. Everyone is so willing to do whatever is needed with regard to show activities. I know it is hard work and a long day, but our club membership can be proud of their work.

Although our show is one of the best around, there is always room for improvement. I welcome any and all ideas and suggestions from our membership that may improve upon what we already have.

With that in mind, let’s look forward to the 21st British Motorcar Gathering on Sunday, June 8, 2014.

Thanks to all of you and Godspeed.


  • Ken and Cindy Beck
  • Tom Brobst
  • Marty and Marybeth Chamberlain
  • Ken Czahor and Sunny Sonnenrein
  • Kim and Charles de Bourbon
  • Joe Detalia
  • Art and Margie Edinger
  • Ed and Angie Haas
  • Allen and Elaine Hess
  • Richard Horn
  • Myra Jones
  • Gerry Kunkle
  • Joe and Maria Larrazabal
  • Bill Miers
  • Leon Morgan
  • Paul Morrissette
  • Dennis and Ann Marie Nash
  • Bill Page
  • Bob and Penny Pilat
  • Noel and Alice Peters
  • Greg Prehodka
  • Jeff and Lisa Rorhbach
  • Ken and Barbara Saltern
  • John Shoemaker
  • Jack Siplak
  • Bob Van Syckle
  • Bob Tarquin
  • Frank Torchy
  • Bill Webb

And someone from the Triumph Club whose name I did not get.
Please forgive any errors or omissions.

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